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Importance of SEX for health and Sex medicine tablet

Sex is a term in life on which most of the people don’t want to discuss or even talk but in reality, we all should how beneficial it is for our healthy life. Just healthy food and exercises are not enough for our body. At some stage, sex plays a vital role in keeping us fit. Sex is part of life for both male and female. Our old generation hardly talked about sex life and this should not be done. Proper sex life leads you a happy life and everybody should know about sex. There are many universities that provide sex education for the healthy growth of body and proper development. 

Benefits of proper sex - 

  •  Having proper sex burns calories and fat cause a more healthy lifestyle.
  •  People who have regular proper sex have higher levels of an antibody called Immunoglobulin A which prevent us from cold and flu. 
  • Sex facilitates us with restful sleep which is very beneficial for our body and mind.
  •  It is also profitable for women as it reduces the pain and cramping arise during periods. 
  • Sex increase loves with partners and causes a healthy relationship. 
  • It prevents us from many stress and keep us energetic. 
  • Sex increase orgasm linked to a decrease in prostate cancer for men and protect women against endometriosis. 

What happens when you don’t care about sex - 

  •  If you don’t have sex then orgasm cannot be increased, then the dry spell can be frustrating for you and lead you to get stressed.
  • For the betterment of the immune system, orgasm is very beneficial. Your immune system can get weaker if you don’t have proper sex. 
  • Due to not having proper sex for a while you may get down and your work performance might slip.
  • Having no sex at your adulting age can cause a spike of your blood pressure. 
  • If you don’t have proper sex at interval it cause sleep-disorder, you are unable to sleep properly.


If you have any problems in having sex or you want fittable and proper sex, there is various medicine which helps you out in increasing your stamina. 

LEVITRA 10 mg is one of that super effective medicine that increases your stamina to have healthy and proper sex. 

This medicine is highly effective and starts its work in just 15 minutes. It keeps an effect on your body is 8 hours to 10 hours or more than that. 

Doctor recommend this medicine to reach the satisfaction stage and proper sex time.

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